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Levitra 20 mg is really an oral medication used to cure impotency. Sex excitement leads to the creation and launch of nitric oxide in the nerves endings in the cavernous systems of the male organ hereby triggering guanylate cyclase. Guanylate cyclase is in charge of creation regarding cyclic GMP. The actual cGMP will cause extending and rest of the bloodstream carrying blood vessels to the male organ. Levitra 20 mg puts a stop to phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme from eliminating cGMP so allows you help support the circulation of blood into the male organ.

Medication dosage and guidance

The suggested dosage of Levitra 20mg is definitely 20 mg per day used at least an hour in advance of sexual intercourse. In case no unintended side effects happen to be experienced your medication dosage might be amplified as much as 20 mg. In the event of side effects the medication dosage is decreased to 5 mg day-to-day. Tend not to get several tabs of Levitra 20mg every day.

Safety measures

Levitra 20 is actually not examined with undertook studies in individuals with heart problems, so it is much better stay away from Levitra 20 if in individuals who have a cerebrovascular accident or cardiovascular system malfunction, or a cardiovascular system strike in history and specifically within past 6 month. In advance of to take cheap 20 mg Levitra inform a medical expert in case you have liver or kidney organ complications, a bleeding dysfunction, abdomen ulcer, or an inherited retinal dysfunction including retinitis pigmentosa, allergy to the medication or any other medications, deformation of the male organ including angulation, Peyronie's disease, and also in conditions that bring about the growth of priapism (leukemia sickle-cell anemia, several myeloma).


Cheap 20 mg Levitra is certainly contraindicated within individuals with hypersensitivity to its components, people dealt with using organic and natural nitrates, in individuals below 16 y. o., or even people who get indinavir as well as ritonavir.

Potential unwanted effect

Generic 20 mg Levitra is often very well tolerated as well as unintended side effects in case occur tend to be transient. The foremost typical side effects tend to be: headache, flushing (hyperemia in the person); repeated; dizziness, nausea or vomiting, sinus blockage. More uncommon and unusual uncomfortable side effects are photosensitivity of epidermis, hypertension, back ache, watering eye lids, hypotension, priapism.

Medication connections

Generic 20 mg levitra's energy is actually inhibited simply by erythromycin, indinavir as well as ritonavir. Levitra decreases the amount of ritonavir as well as indinavir. In individuals treated using nitrates Levitra may possibly intensify chest muscles discomfort by growing heartbeat and decreasing bloodstream pressure. Levitra can exaggerate the bloodstream pressure decreasing outcomes of alpha-blocking medications (terazosin as well as Hytrin). Levitra by no means needs to be administered in individuals who are treated with organic and natural nitrates.

Skipped dosage

Levitra is used when required however, not often than once everyday thus skipped dosage is not supposed.


Signs and symptoms associated with overdose consist of discomfort in the back, jaw, arm, loss of sight, blurry eyesight.

Storage space Store at room temperature in between 15-30 C away from kids, animals, dampness and sunshine.

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